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10-micron In-Line Filter -12 Ports

High flow filter for use with Alcohol based fuels, Methanol and E85 type of fuel.



Suitable for use on the pressure side of a fuel pump only, with gasoline, diesel, ethanol and methanol fuels. High flow fuel filter designed for after pump location, before injectors.

Finally, a place where bigger really is better. What defines an efficient filter? As little pressure drop as possible. How do you achieve a low pressure drop? Surface area. How do you get a lot of area into a compact in-line filter? Pleats. More pleats means more surface area an, in turn, better-flowing filters. Aeromotive in-line filters boast the most surface area possible for the highest flowing filters. This product is not legal for sale or use on emission-controlled vehicles except when used as a direct replacement part matching OEM specifications.

P/N 12341: 10-Micron Microglass In-Line Filter with ORB-12 Ports

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