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2JZ Twin Disc McLeod Clutch Kit

The Best Clutch for Drag Racing



These clutches are the ones being used in many high performance applications, Drag Racing, Street and Drift. The perfect choice for racers looking for a heavy duty, high torque capacity unit. They are designed to be used with a push style bearing. The Drag Mag is based on a 8″ Sintered Iron 5135 compound disc and billet steel SFI flywheel. These units are offered in a double disc (900 ft tq) and triple disc (1500 ft tq) configurations to meet the harshest needs in the industry. These units rely on a pin drive actuation system where the floater plate slides on 6 evenly spaced pins for quick release in a racing application. If you are looking for a clutch that will last longer and handle the high HP, this is it.

Kits do not come with RING GEAR from factory.

Kit Includes

• Aluminum Diaphragm Hat, #2100 plate load.

• 8″ Steel Pressure Ring

• (2) 8″ Sintered Iron Discs 5135 Compound

• 8″ Steel floater plate (Pin Drive)

• Billet steel flywheel. (Ring Gear not Included)

• All necessary spacers and hardware. (Crank Bolts not Included)



Spline: 1 3/16″ x 18

Flywheel Material: Steel

Ring Gear: No

Flywheel Balance: Yes

Number of Discs: Double

Racing Application: Drag Racing (Imports)

Vehicle Make: Toyota

Vehicle Engine: Toyota 2JZ

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