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Balance Shaft Removal Kit – 3RZ/2TR



Balance Shaft Removal Kit

This kit is designed to eliminate the balance shafts in a 3RZ or 2TR engine. Kit includes new bearings, replacement inserts, billet aluminum install driver, oil squirter to keep the chain properly lubricated, drill bit, and tap to plug oil galley. This kit is fine to use on anything from a completely stock engine to full on race engines.. We prefer to see them removed, as they are one of the only common bottom end issues with these engines.

  • 1995.5-2004 3RZ 2.7L Engines
  • 2005-2019 2TR 2.7L Engines

Why delete the balance shaft on the 3RZ/2TR?

Over the years we have heard so many different stories about why people remove their Balance Shaft System on their 3RZ engines. The truth is: We first removed it to simplify our own race engines. Less variables in the equation, less parts to fail. We found that if these bearings go out, the shafts will wear on the block and the only solution would be to replace the block. This is far from a desired result on Toyota engine.

Anytime resistance is alleviated from the rotating assembly, more power will be produced. However, this kit is not considered a power gain modification by LC Engineering. We have done this modification to all our 3RZ Race Engines, and we have sold hundreds of kits, for either daily drivers or professional racers, with no complaints. Vibrations will improve slightly, but nothing too noticeable. (If you are an Off-Roader, you may not even notice it).

In summary, our 3RZ Balance Shaft Removal Kit is a great way to make your 3RZ more reliable and simple. Not to mention it can be done without removing the engine from the vehicle. We recommend installing this system at the same time you are doing your timing chain replacement, since everything will be taken off already. Comes complete with detailed instructions for a simple installation process.

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