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Borg Warner 66mm T4 .91a/r SX300 SX3

Budget friendly, long lasting turbo



Borg Warner 177275 – S366   66mm inducer /  73mm turbine exducer  also known as the 66/73

This turbo comes with the T4 rear housing .91 a/r

Turbo rated to 900HP

Twin hydrodynamic journal bearings

Extended tip technology compressor wheel

-T3 Twin Scroll turbine housing available:  with V band outlet
-T4 Turbine Housings available:  .88 A/R Open, .91 A/R Divided Twin Scroll, 1.00 A/R Divided Twin Scroll with 3.5″ V band, 3″ V Band


Adjustable compressor and turbine housing orientation

Standard 3 pad thrust bearing,

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