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Dual EGT Module & Sensor kit

Perfect for Rotary engines



This is an Analog Thermocouple Conditioner type K with 0-5v output. This kit comes with everything needed to use 2 EGT sensors. It will have 2 outputs to be used in any EFI system that can read EGT sensor inputs like FuelTech, AEM, Haltech, Holley EFI, MaxECU and others

Can be use in Rotary or 2 cylinder engines and motorcycles.

Output Linear Scale is 4mv/C / 0c = 0v to 1250C = 5.0v
Temperature Range 0C – 1250C or 32F – 2282F

      • Type K thermocouple conditioner
      • Dual channel
      • 0-5V analog output Uses 2 ecu inputs
      • Voltage: 12V to 24V
      • Used with WB-O2 Datalogger or PRO24 Datalogger
      • 2 EGT thermocouples included 72 inch long (can cut to fit)
      • 2 EGT Thermocouple fittings included
      • EGT sensors have a quick response exposed tip
      • Universal weld-on / 1/8″ NPT screw-in hardware.


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