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Firewall Bulkhead Deutsch Connector 8-Pin Black



Firewall Bulkhead Deutsch 8 pin connector kit. Black in color. This kit comes with male and female SOLID contact pins 16-20awg Nickel Plated.  The low cost of this kit makes it perfect for the DIY person. 

These connector kits are widely used in custom aftermarket ECU installations as well as, in race cars, Hot Rods, NHRA PRO MODS, Powersports, Boats and many other uses.

  • Quick connect-disconnect bayonet coupling.
  • Ideal for harsh condition applications where chemicals can damage a connector housing.
  • Single hole bulkhead mounting, Ideal for pass through firewall applications.
  • Waterproof for properly wired and mated connections, immersion under 3 feet of water without loss of electronic qualities or leakage. Insulation Resistance of 1000 meg-ohms minimum at 25° C.
  • Fully Reusable, just buy the pin set and re-wire as needed. 
  • Easy to install and remove. Easy re-assignment of pin / wire removal.

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