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McLeod Street Elite Clutch Kit Fits: T100 95-98 Tacoma 95-04 Tundra 00-04 4Runner 96-00



Part #: 762515

The Street Elite clutch kit is the newest offering in the Tuner Series Line for the Sport Compact and European Markets, it’s the perfect choice for an street/track applications with moderate bolt-ons. We recommend it for cars up to 50-70% more power(depending on part number). Included is a high quality high clamp load pressure plate, sprung hub carbon/organic disc for superior holding power and smooth engagement. Our kits are complete, they come with pilot tool and throw out bearing (where applicable). If you are looking for a clutch that’s a great replacement from your stock set up, the McLeod Street Elite is your best option.


T100 95-98 3.4L: Tacoma 95-04 3.4L: Tundra 00-04 3.4L Toyota: Tundra 00 – 04 3.4 L Engine, Toyota: Tacoma 95 – 04 3.4 L Engine, Toyota: T100 95 – 98 3.4 L Engine, Toyota: 4Runner 96 – 00 3.4 L Engine

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