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McLeod Street Tuner Clutch Kit Fits: Tacoma 95-04 4Runner 96-00 Tundra 00-04



Part #: 760515

The Street Tuner clutch kit is the newest offering in the Tuner Series Line for the Sport Compact and European Markets, it’s the perfect choice for an entry level replacement clutch for the street. We recommend it for cars up to 20-25% more power(depending on part number) perfect for street cars with mild bolt-ons. Included is a high quality matched pressure plate, advanced steel backed disc for smooth and even engagement. Our kits are complete, they come with pilot tool and throw out bearing (where applicable). If you are looking for a clutch that’s a great replacement from your stock set up, the McLeod Street Tuner is your best option. Tuner Series By McLeod Racing.


T100 95-98 3.4L: Tacoma 95-04 3.4L: Tundra 00-04 3.4L Toyota: Tundra 00 – 04 3.4 L Engine, Toyota: Tacoma 95 – 04 3.4 L Engine, Toyota: T100 95 – 98 3.4 L Engine, Toyota: 4Runner 96 – 00 3.4 L Engine

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