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Weldon A2040 -10AN Fuel Regulator

Compatible with all fuels. Has smaller return orifice, flows 6GPM.



Fastest response rate
Provides stable fuel delivery for the most demanding requirements
All Weldon Regulators maintain steady fuel delivery during dramatic changes in fuel demand, such as WOT conditions, boost application and gear changes
Fully adjustable from 4-200 psi
.281″ bypass orifice
Hardened steel ball and replaceable steel seat
Fluorosilicone diaphragm
Compatible with most racing fuels including ethanol, and methanol.
1/8″ NPT Gauge Port
1/8″ NPT manifold pressure reference port
Fuel pressure increases on a 1:1 ratio with boost
two -10 pressure ports
-8 return port
Replaceable / interchangeable internal components
User serviceable
For use with all Weldon Pumps as well as pumps from other manufacturers
Mil-Spec clear anodized cover

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